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All about the Herobrine’s Rebirth Mod (Add-on and Script) version is here!


All about the Herobrine’s Rebirth Mod (Add-on and Script) version is here!

Only in this article! The secrets of Herobrine’s Rebirth Mod (both add-on and script) version will be showed! Don’t hesitate! Let’s read on it to learn more!

All about the Herobrine’s Rebirth Mod

All about the Herobrine’s Rebirth Mod

Herobrine’s Rebirth Mod? Have you ever heard about it? Don’t worry too much if you have no ideas about it, as I will show you all in this writing. Let’s explore together now!

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General introduction

Herobrine’s Rebirth Mod can be considered as one of the amazing mods because you can use it to add Herobrine, your favorite Minecraft creepypasta, to your game. Wow! How nice it is!

There are 2 different Herobrine’s versions that can be added including the regular Herobrine and the Herobrine God.

Regular Herobrine

The common characteristics

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  • It can be used to teleport around the world.
  • You can use it to be immune to fire, to the projectile damage, or even to the harmful status effect.
  • It can help to blow things up and place TNT as well.
  • Also, if you want to turn the Creepers into the Charged Creepers, it will help you.

Some special attacks

  • It can give you Nausea effects.
  • Sometimes, you may be temporarily slowed down.

Herobrine God the Herobrine’s Rebirth Mod

The common characteristics

  • It can fly! So interesting, right?
  • Like the regular Herobrine, it can be immune to fire as well as the harmful status effect. Also, it can help to change the Creepers into the Charged Creepers.
  • It is bigger than the counterpart.
  • Any mobs in its way will be attacked but the Brines, wolves, and creepers.

Some special attacks 

  • At its target, the big and powerful fireballs will be shot.
  • It will also shoot the fireballs faster than usual in case its target is only in 16 block range.

How to install it?

First and foremost, you need to download the Resources and Behaviors Packs. Then, you must apply the packs for a world. After that, you can enable the “Experimental Gameplay” in world settings. Finally, you can create the world now. Quite easy, right?

Điểm neoTo sum up, all major details about the Herobrine’s Rebirth Mod (both add-on and script) version as shown above. I believe it has attracted many of you. So, why don’t you download and experience it right away? What made you hesitate so long.

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