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Fortnite Addon V2 – more weapons, items, and entities!


Fortnite Addon V2 – more weapons, items, and entities!

Fortnite Addon V2 comes with many more new features, such as a loading screen and skins compared to its predecessor. This incredible addon features items, weapons, and incredible entities from Fortnite. You can even fly a plane or ride a Battle Bus! This addon is still very much Minecraft, though, a variety of stuff has been transformed to appear more like Fortnite.

Fortnite Addon V2

Fortnite Addon V2

So, if you are a big fan of both the game Minecraft and Fortnite, then Fortnite Addon V2 is definitely ideal for you!

Stay tuned! Let’s read in today’s article to catch more detail!

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Overview of Fortnite Addon V2

Fortnite Addon V2 was published on May 20th, 2019, and received positive feedback from the gamer community.

Fortnite Addon V2 provides you with more weapons as well as items to the world of Minecraft. Once installing this addon, you can own in Minecraft Bedrock with some powerful stuff, such guns as Scar, a pistol and a sniper rifle, you can freely pick up them according to your taste. What’s more, the header screen was shifted a little bit; therefore, to launch it, you need to activate the resource package in Global Resources in the game settings.

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you can own in Minecraft Bedrock with some powerful stuff

You can own in Minecraft Bedrock with some powerful stuff

Outstanding features

  • All of the features in Fortnite Addon V2 has been fully retextured and modeled
  • New features from the latest seasons have been integrated

How to install Fortnite Addon V2

Step 1: Download Resources and Behavior .McAddon

Step 2: Use packs for a world

Step 3: Create the world

Note: Currently, the Bouncer, Launch Pad, Trap, Cozzy Camfier, and Chiller are not usable.

Fortnite Addon V2 is supported on platforms, including iOS, Windows 10, and Android. Get the latest version of this addon at the end of this post!

An excellent addon as Fortnite Addon V2, real Minecraft-and-Fortnite lovers should not skip! Why don’t you give a try straight off the bat? Download this addon to drop in the marvelous world!

Access the attached link below to download Resources and Behavior .McAddon:

To have a closer view about how Fortnite Addon V2 works, just press on here to watch the walk-through:

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