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Gravestone Addon – Create many gravestones


Gravestone Addon – Create many gravestones

Gravestone Addon adds more catacombs and graveyards to the Minecraft game world. They are born in the position of characters, villagers, dogs or dead cats.

Gravestone Addon

Gravestone Addon

Gravestone Addon also spawns many graveyards in villages along with Wither catacombs. This is a new and massive building, like a fortress, where you find countless valuable items, which means embarking on a dangerous adventure, may have to confront the terrible Wither Boss at the end of the journey.

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Features of Minecraft Gravestone Addon


The graveyard is the main feature of this Minecraft Addon, which was created after the character “died.” It contains the entire item (can be customized in the config file), some information about corpses such as the total number of days the character has lived.

There are several types of graveyards in Gravestone Addon for Minecraft. Each type of cemetery is made from different materials. Graves will be randomly selected, but the content depends on the player’s current biome and level. There is also a 25% chance that one of your swords will be used as a graveyard. If you are destroyed by magic, the tomb looks like it is enchanted.

Each memorial stele will contain on i

Each memorial stele will contain on i

Graveyards are also born when villagers, pets (dogs, cats, horses) die. These graves will contain dead bodies of creatures destroyed (can be reborn in Altar). They are also shaped separately with statues of dogs, cats, horses, respectively.

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These are blocks with a layout function. Like cemeteries, they also have several types and are made of many different materials. Each memorial stele will contain on it. All except the Creeper statue, built or created in the open world and some villages.

Unlike other types of monuments, the Creeper statue does not appear in the world or can be manufactured. They fall after the Creeper dies. Or you can find it in the catacombs.

You can only see them in some villages or build it, but you have to put the dead mob on it yourself. These types of memorials can only be made with villagers’ corpses – right-click on them with bodies in hand.

Điểm neoSpawners

These objects act as Spawner in the original game except for one element only. Skeleton spawner can spawn any bone (cat bone, dog, skeleton, or Wither bone (low chance).The skeleton is born with a stone sword/bow and arrow in hand. Similar to Skeleton spawner, Zombie spawner also spawns any zombie.

Wither spawner is a special kind of Spawner, found only at the end of the catacombs. Unlike other Spawners, you are used to spawning 1 unique wither. After being destroyed, Spawner cannot be rebuilt (custom in the config file).

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