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MCBE Studio – Unique API to record


MCBE Studio – Unique API to record

You certainly have thought at least once that creating an exclusive world with your useful times is so you can share some sequences with the public. MCBE Studio can help you do that.

MCBE Studio

MCBE Studio

Minecraft PE has a full name is Minecraft Pocket Edition. This game is owned by Microsoft and developed by Markus Persson. If before, Minecraft was known as one of the quality games built to serve gamers who love playing computer games, at present, the publisher has launched the market. Minecraft PE – a mobile version of the game with an impressive graphics system. When participating in this game, players will be completely creative with hundreds of separate constructions. In particular, they will have to use the cubes to form an impressive architectural work imbued with a personal impression.

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Time is still one of the most talked-about elements in Minecraft with their coherence and “one go no return”. Sometimes you regret the special moments that will probably only appear once. But with MCBE Studio, you will have the opportunity to record them directly. Before this script, we have seen the appearance of a Java version with similar properties but maybe there is something special waiting for you?


As a timelapse addon, MCBE Studio contains a unique API to record and play all the frames selected by the player during Minecraft PE. This means that from a set point, you can perform a lot of different actions from checking, viewing, or even speeding up everything that happens in the game in a given amount of time.

To be able to use it, after accessing the Graphical User Interface (GUI), you will find the Open MCBE Studio button. Now is the part that you need to note. A series of steps will need to be taken before you reach your final destination:

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  • Create string
  • Set keyframe
  • Set the sequence
  • Play and pause the sequence
  • Clear sequence

Some things to keep in mind when using:

  • This script has its own Menu HUD to control the whole process
  • The point you set as a landmark will be in the form of armor

How to Download

There are no special requirements if you want to install MCBE Studio. You can see more information and download it at MCPEDL. Select the addon to launch it in the “Resource Packs” and “Behavior Packs”.

Điểm neoConclusion

Self-mastering the Minecraft timeline, that must be cool. Experience MCBE Studio now!

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