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Mob Indicator V6 Reworked – Create new scripts easily


Mob Indicator V6 Reworked – Create new scripts easily

You do not know how to create a new script in Minecraft? Mob Indicator V6 Reworked can do it for you. Please take a look at the article for more information.

Mob Indicator V6 Reworked

Mob Indicator V6 Reworked

Mob Indicator V6 Reworked can create new scripts in 1.13 for Minecraft. A status indicator will be added on the screen when you target the mod. Bedrock Edition is a unique modification ability of Minecraft, similar to “F3” for the Java version.

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Players can view some different entity statistics when you focus on it

  • Name (and custom name if named with a name tag)
  • Health
  • Attack damage
  • Position (X, Y, Z)
  • The block on which the entity stands
  • The item the object is carrying

When you want to use scripts, you can activate them easily. Conversely, you can also cancel the command when you do not want to use it.

You can create a custom entry named Settings. This way, you can activate or cancel orders anytime you want. These operations will see screenshots. As soon as you create it, you can use them by clicking on any block while holding it. You will then notice the customized user interface appears. There are two on / off buttons. You can use them for your purpose.

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Choose the version for changes

Fixed some bugs when you looked at some entities like minecarts and falling blocks

The script works perfectly in multiplayer now

When you open the UI, it is only open for you instead of all players

When you turn off the script, it will turn off for you and turn on for other players (every player can turn off / on for himself)

Changed the way the UI was opened (throwing one dirt, oak stick, and board)

The script works better on touch screens

Extra support for 1.10

Version added with less latency if you only use latency (1.10). Note: it will not work correctly on the touch screen (non-split control) I recommend using split control in touch settings

You can get names, health, from entities 1000 blocks away from you

How to install Mob Indicator V6 Reworked

Follow the steps below to install this Addon properly

Step 1: Visit the .mcaddon link

Step 2: You will be redirected to the site. It will display a message that “I’m not a robot.” Do not worry. Click Continue.

Step 3: You will have to wait 10 seconds to get the link on the website for 3 minutes. After accessing to get the link, separate windows will be automatically pop up. You need to turn them off and then download the file from Mediafire.

Step 4: Open the file

Step 5: Minecraft will automatically open. You will import the package and apply it to a world (create backups for safety)

Step 6: Activate the test game.


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