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NEW Mutant Creatures Add-on – cool app for real Minecraft-lovers


NEW Mutant Creatures Add-on – cool app for real Minecraft-lovers

Do you wish to build up the game difficulty a few new notches in Minecraft? Just CLICK HERE to get NEW Mutant Creatures Add-on right now and right here!

NEW Mutant Creatures Add-on

NEW Mutant Creatures Add-on

New Mutant Creatures Add-on provides you with nine mutants in Minecraft Bedlock with great powers. This is a perfect choice for those who have long been looking for a useful add-on to increase difficulty in-game.

Stay tuned! Let’s keep reading today’s article to get more details about New Mutant Creatures Add-on!

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Mutant Mobs

Mutant Zombie and Husk

Basically, this mob is a version of the standard zombie. It is integrated into three stages. When the mutant is knocked out, it will be getting more powerful and be able to wake up minions and last within 20 seconds. Accordingly, it will fight positively as well as run quicker.

Health: 130 hearts

this mob is a version of the standard zombie

This mob is a version of the standard zombie

Mutant Creeper

Their appearance looks like a spider that has 4 legs and a crooked neck. They can create more enormous explosions while attacking, yet when it is knocked down, just run away.

Health: 180 hearts

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Mutant Stray and Skeleton

Their mission is to hunt players and wolves. Both stray and skeleton come with 2 stages. Once they are defeated, they will become rise and stronger with fire narrows at the same time!

Health: 120 hearts

Mutant Wither Skeleton

Mutant Wither Skeleton is even much more dangerous than Mutant Stray and Skeleton. It has two stages, and with its powerfully huge sword, it can be able to solve a great deal of damage.

Health: 130 hearts

Mutant Downed

You will find The Power creature in the deep sea.  It will call minions that come in a big trident and last around 20 seconds. It has three stages and its final stages will drop a bunch of valuable items.

Health: 120 hearts

Mutant Wolf

Compared to its predecessor, this wolf now is larger and stronger as well. Once you domesticate it, you can ride it as a horse.

Wild health: 80 hearts

Tamed health: 120 hearts

Mutant Zombie Pigman

It comes with three stages and can summon minions that last within 20 seconds. It is integrated with a giant golden sword so that it will cause lots of damage.

Health: 120 hearts

How to download New Mutant Creatures Add-on

  • Download New Mutant Creatures Add-on at MCPEDL
  • Launch the add-on in a world in the game

Hurry up to grab this awesome add-on right today to enjoy a fabulous journey in-game!

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