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WorldEdit (Script / Addon) – One of the scripts built


WorldEdit (Script / Addon) – One of the scripts built

What do you think if just manipulation in front of you is a giant building? Let WorldEdit, the new script of Minecraft PE, help you do that.



Building works is the most important task if you want to survive in the world of Minecraft. As one of the strategic moves to help expand the market of the game maker Mojang, Minecraft PE (also known as Minecraft Pocket Edition) has created a tremendous attraction in the community of fans of this open-world survival game.

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Inheriting the features that made the PC version so successful, Minecraft PE seems to be more and more attractive by the fertile lands that the game publisher lets players unleash their creativity.

WorldEdit is one of the scripts built to become a means to assist players in building works. But do you know what specific utilities it will have? Let me answer you.




Overall, WorldEdit is a World Edit Script. That is, it directly affects the ecosystem around Minecraft’s players. It helps you quickly build houses as long as you have the necessary materials.

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It sounds simple but there are a lot of caveats if you want to use WorldEdit effectively.

First, WorldEdit can only be used in Survival Mode. It is completely harmless if you are in Hardcore Mode.

Its usage consists of only 2 jobs. Select the material you want to use and choose the type of project you are working on. According to many experienced players, WorldEdit works best with wood materials. You can simply drag the material block you own to the end of the Hot Bar and let WorldEdit do its job.

How to Download

There are not too many requirements if you want to install and use WorldEdit. The download link will be at the bottom of the article for your convenience.

One more note is that this script only works on version 1.12 of the game. After you have installed the device, you need to turn on the Experimental gameplay mode to be able to experience it.


Điểm neoThe mod is a great addon for Minecraft, enhancing the gaming experience. Playing with it brings up lots of fun. Are you ready for a new era of Minecraft PE? Download and come to the era of industrial construction with WorldEdit Script.

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